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29 July 2008 @ 04:48 am
Wow so I know I havent been on here in forever...but I can't sleep. So I figured well I might as well try to update my seriously old school LJ.
Or I could have watched Supernatural...but I've been watching that way too much lately.
Yay for Sam and Dean...
Just so everyone knows I edited my friends profile.
The only people I kept as friends are Sam and Larissa...So If you want me to re-friend you just let me know.
I've had a pretty boring summer so far. I've felt really disconnected from everyone.
Really i've just been working at the damn Buckle, watching Supernatural because Sam and Dean really amuse me, and drawing and painting a bit.
At the end of the week I leave to go to orientation in Savannah, that should be fun. Then I'll come back, work for a week or two...Hopefully make it to Madison and Chicago like I want to and then move in the 13th of Sept.
Hrmm, I really wish I could find something interesting to write...but nothing interesting has happened all summer...
and I really should try to get some amount of sleep because I have to work tomorrow...thats going to suck.
I'm so freaking wide awake tho...
Damn it.
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06 March 2007 @ 11:36 pm
soo...i've become obsessed with my so called life...its a bad thing
Damn Jeto Leto for being so cute...
22 January 2006 @ 02:52 pm

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Oh how i love the Rocky Horror Picture Show
03 December 2005 @ 12:13 am

1. Pick a song
2. Take the lyrics to babelfish (http://world.altavista.com/) and translate:
a. English to German
b. German to French
c. French to English
3. Copy out the result and see who can guess the song.
the song...Collapse )

08 November 2005 @ 10:55 pm
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18 October 2005 @ 05:14 pm
See I Promised I'd Update!!!

Lets see wants new...
hrmm this weekend I Went to Centrals Homecomming Game, they lost but it was a pretty good game they didnt lost too badly... well the didnt lose as badly as BA did anyway.
Ran into Brandon at the Game, was nice too see him again seeing as we really dont talk any more
After that Em invited my to go with her and john and some other people to Terry's housr were we watched a movie... altho i cant remember what it was called
Next day Em and I went and got our nails done that was fun
mine are pink with a pink, silver, white and black design on them. Em are Clear, red, and gold...
We went to Champs before the dance for dinner it was fun all of Em's friends are really nice
We got to the dance, centrals dance was soooooo much cooler than my schools was!
There i ran into Melissa.. I heart melissa so much she's awesome
Then i ran into Alissa, Berry and SAM!
i totally forgot sam was comming, i dotn know why tho i knew berry was going and they're going out so i should have figured...But i freaked and was like SAM!!
Bit later ran into Brandon again was still nice to see him
the rest of the night was awesome too...
I even danced with to guys and I didnt have to ask them! that was pretty cool... so much different than my school and soo much better...
Ah if only i would have gone to Central...
I'd have decent friends at school...
No that i dont have friends at BA i do... its just different tho...
Sunday of course i had to do all my hw but it was ok...
Monday...meh school......I hate school what else is new
*except for art i love art*
Hrmm then today i had TWO tests this mornign one after another...
Frecnh then Civ right after that it was not cool...
i dont think i did well on either..
well french was no surprise *i've been doing better in that tho*
History was..I mean i've always been really good at history right...
but then this year i had to sign up for the stupid Honors Civ
and so today i get the test and there are two questions on it the first on a short essay on worth 20 points...
there are two choices to write about... Utopian Socialism and this other thing.. i'd never heard of
well my class hadent EVER talked about either one... so i was like great and just tried to remember everything i could about socialism so it went intestingly meh...
my Geometry quiz later went great tho
And i finally finished my water color pic in art
and am starting on the second one
*ist the MCR cover only not*
I've also decided im giving up on boys for a while they just leave me confused in the end
love you all,
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06 October 2005 @ 11:00 pm
Layout Help is much need...
06 October 2005 @ 09:16 pm
meh... sorry I sorta fell off the planet everyone...
its just i've felt a bit dead lately...
i suppose i should update this more
not just Xanga and My Space...
Oh Amanda they played Da Da Da in my German class today
(I was like the YO YO SONG!)
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17 August 2005 @ 11:41 am

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(doubled posted 'cause im lazy to MySpace and Xanga)

I had the wierdest day today

So i went to the DMV this morning to get my permit and i actually passed the test to get i thought for sure i was going to pass the wierd thing is my bro didnt pass and i thougth for sure he would funny how things go isnt it.. So now i have my Temps I will be on the road so WATCH OUT XD...

then i had a dentist app. that sucked.... then i had Drivers Ed. which sucked even more. And then worst of all my Johns friend Tim calls and is all like my mom can take u home from Drivers Ed. Now I HATE Tim, which is wierd because i really dont dislike anyone or maybe I should put it better as it takes a lot for me to stop talking to u. So I immedently was like no Im NOT going home with Tim I'll say at the mall for a bit. So i sat thru Drivers Ed (boring as usual). And when i was finished i walked into the mall and am like great im in the mall by myself what the heck am i going to. So i walked into Sam Goody (Im broke my the way, no money at all) and start looking around. Then im like this is really boring... so i walk into a couple of other shops still bored til i get to Barnes and Nobles...

Yes Barnes and Nobles, and i decide im going to read a book, So i go to the Teen section and grab the sequal to Vampire Kiss (ahh i heart that book) which is Kissing Coffins. Then i walked around looking for a place to sit til i find this lovely overstuffed chair. So i sat down in it and read for an hour and a half! It was soooooooooooo lovely, i finished the book. It was so relaxing I almost fell asleep right in the middle of the store. Then i put the book back and left. It was awesome...

Then later i had my voice lesson...during which my phone rang (well vibrated). And seeing as i couldn't answer the phone in the middle of my lesson i figured oh, i'll just call whoever it is back...Only I COULDNT because the phone registered the caller as "unknown" and didnt give me a number. That made me sad...

Ok thennnnnnn wayyy later at 9:50 PM my little brother asked me if i would go swimming with him, And i was all like ok, because altho i normally don't like to swim that much I LOVE swimming at night. It was so pretty out too. Ah night is soo peaceful...so that made my very random day... (sry for the typos)
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